About Jordan Igboji | Edmonton Real Estate

About Jordan Igboji - Your Edmonton Real Estate Agent

As a REALTOR® licensed in Alberta, Jordan provides strategic and effective property sale and purchase solutions to his clients across Edmonton and surrounding areas. 

His business is built on: Honesty, Efficiency, and Integrity. "When my clients decide to buy or sell property, they don't need salesmanship - they need honesty and accurate market information to help them make the best decision for their Real Estate needs." 

An Edmonton native for the duration of his life, Jordan's knowledge of the City's geography is deep and refined in a manner that informs the best experience for residential Real Estate transactions. Noting the drastic shift in the market to online strategies and innovative technology, Jordan feels at home navigating these virtual spaces and he uses them to optimize customer care. "I love technology and the way it has enhanced Real Estate, but I also believe in grassroots initiatives."

Adaptability is one of the traits that make Jordan a sought after Agent - he listens and caters to his clients' needs, always committed to their property-related visions. he has both empirical and practical knowledge that has not only benefited him, but most importantly, his clients. 

Jordan is eager, prepared and motivated to serve his clients and help them secure the best in what Edmonton Real Estate has to offer.